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Baoji Baoye Titanium-Nickel Industry Co., Ltd (BAOJI BAOYE INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD.) was established in 1985. As the earliest enterprise in titanium industry in China, the company has become a key manufacturer of Titanium (Ti) 、Nickel (Ni) materials and pressure vessels in China now. This company is specialized in the manufacture of Titanium and Nickel materials, its core business is: Non-ferrous metal materials, clad metal materials and pressure vessels. 1> Non ...<+更多>
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云南11选5任今日推荐号码 Address: No.10 Hi-Tech Road Baoji city,Shaanxi province China-721013
Tel: +86-917-6739226 +86-917-6735438    Fax: +86-917-6735439
General Manager: Rongli liu    Mobile: +86-13709175408    Email: 云南11选5任今日推荐号码
Sales Manager: Mary Dang    Mobile: +86-13891718752    Email: [email protected]    Skype: mary402892854

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